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Soya blocks hair loss - Thicken Hair
Hair Loss and Hair thickness help and advice

Soya blocks hair loss

Soya Blocks Hair Loss

Stock up on soya people!

New research shows that a molecule produced in the intestine when soya is digested could halt the balding process because it blocks the effect of the hormone that triggers hair loss. Worth a try and a lot better than most supposed baldness cures (like getting cows to lick your head).

Best for flavour

Alpro Organic Sweetened soya milk, 1ltr £1.35

We loved it because…
It has a very smooth creamy taste, even creamier than standard cow-juice and doesn’t come with the bitter aftertaste like some other soya milks.

If we had to say one bad thing it would be…
While this is a good substitute to regular cow’s milk, its sweet, nutty flavour is still an acquired taste.

When you tuck in, just think about…
That according to the FDA, soya milk can help to reduce cholesterol.

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